Let the Conner Saga End

By Nate Blake Ever since Roseanne tweeted a racist comment about former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett and was quickly fired by ABC, speculation has been rampant that the network would try to create some similar yet different version of the show she and Matt Williams created. There are various ways this could be done, and … Continue reading Let the Conner Saga End

Couples Review: “Paterno” by Alex Aebly and Nate Blake

Nathan “Paterno” premiered on HBO over the weekend and was met with as much controversy as you would expect. The Paterno family called it a fictionalized work and claimed it failed to resemble what actually happened in any way. Onward State, the student-run news organization for Penn State, published several articles attempting to attack the … Continue reading Couples Review: “Paterno” by Alex Aebly and Nate Blake