“The Rental” Review by Alex and Nate Blake

Alex:  I am going to start this with a bold statement: I do not miss going to the theater to see new releases. Last night, we rented The Rental, ordered pizza, and drank a bottle of red while enjoying some creepy lighting in the comfort of our own living room. There were no rude people … Continue reading “The Rental” Review by Alex and Nate Blake

“B&W Cinema Spotlight: “Nebraska” by Nate Blake

Seeing Nebraska in theaters for the first time is one of those experiences I’ll always remember, though not just because I loved the film. Unfortunately, it was another one of those visits to the AMC in Rockford that left a lot to be desired. I’m not bashing that particular theater. In fact, I saw so … Continue reading “B&W Cinema Spotlight: “Nebraska” by Nate Blake