“The Lovebirds” Review by Alex and Nate Blake

ALEX: I’MMMMM BACKKKKK. As some of you may have noticed, I have been pretty absent from the blog lately. Working from home has been taking a toll and I find it difficult to pull out my computer to write on the weekends after spending eight hours a day on my computer working. But, with the … Continue reading “The Lovebirds” Review by Alex and Nate Blake

“The Sting” Review by Nate Blake

A few weeks ago in a Facebook post I encouraged readers to request reviews of films that I haven’t talked about in the blog yet. The first request I received was for Blue Jay, which I discussed a few weeks ago. I also received a request for The Sting, which I had not seen before … Continue reading “The Sting” Review by Nate Blake

“Westworld” Season Finale Review by Nate Blake

“Crisis Theory” brought season three of Westworld to an intense end and raised a few questions for the fourth season to explore. It also left me with a few concerns as to where the story will go next. Specifically, though I generally liked what was certainly the most action-packed episode of Westworld to date, I … Continue reading “Westworld” Season Finale Review by Nate Blake