Screen Actors Guild Award Nominees: Nate and Alex React


Now that the 2019 Screen Actors Guild Award nominees have been announced, the Oscar races in the acting categories have been clarified, right? Well, just a bit.

Since the Screen Actors Guild doesn’t divide their film acting categories into comedy and drama fields the way the Golden Globes do, we now have a better idea of how people who will actually vote on the Oscars see the past year in film. Not surprisingly, the nominees are mostly dramatic roles rather than comedic ones. I am happiest to see that Taron Egerton received a nomination for his lead role in Rocketman. The Globes placed that in the musical/comedy category, but it is still a very dramatic performance. Anyway, due to the preference for dramatic roles, there were some major comedy snubs and ones that will probably hurt several films going forward.



So on when it comes to ensembles, the big snubs are The Farewell, Little Women and Knives Out. Of course, it was unlikely that all of them would be nominated, but it’s surprising that none of them were nominated.


Knives Out is the snub I find most surprising. The SAG awards typically include a shocking nomination or two in the ensemble category each year that gives a boost to a film that may not already have a ton of Oscar traction. All five nominee this year seem like obvious choices though and that’s unusual for this guild. I think Marriage Story deserved an ensemble nomination more than Jojo Rabbit, but that’s honestly the only real complaint I have. I was pleasantly surprised that Parasite was among the nominees. I thought this was one guild that could possibly overlook the film, and I’m glad they didn’t


They saved the surprises for the male acting categories. It was a foregone conclusion that Egerton would get a Golden Globe nomination, but recognition from SAG now means he has momentum leading up to the Oscar nominations. Christian Bale wasn’t a shoo in either and Jamie Foxx kind of came out of nowhere, other than some recognition from critics groups thus far.


Ford V Ferrari played stronger than expected with SAG, but it was probably unwise of us all to underestimate Christian Bale. The film also received a nomination for stunt ensemble. Both nods are very much deserved in my opinion.


It’s a little disappointing that Laura Dern didn’t get the record breaking number of nominations people though she might. Two nominations (ensemble for Big Little Lies and actress for Marriage Story) is still great and I love how much she’s owning 2019.



Complete shutout of The Farewell aside, the nominations overall are fairly diverse. It’s nice to see that nearly a year after Us was released, people remembered Lupita Nyong’o and she is receiving much deserved recognition for her performance. I’m not sure Renee Zellweger has a lock on that second Oscar victory just yet. Cynthia Erivo also seems to have momentum for an Oscar nomination, which seemed unlikely about a month ago.


We’ve mostly talked about film so far but I want to mention how delighted I am over nominations on the TV side for Schitt’s Creek, Catherine O’Hara and David Harbour.


It was a good morning overall and I’m much happier than I was Monday after the Golden Globes announcement.

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