“ER” at 25 by Nate Blake

On September 19, 1994, ER debuted on NBC. In a first for prime-time medical dramas, it did not talk down to viewers. The dialogue did not re-work medical jargon to make procedures easier for audiences to understand. It immersed the viewers into a TV world where doctors and nurses actually say the things doctors and … Continue reading “ER” at 25 by Nate Blake

“The Last Black Man in San Francisco” review by Nate Blake

"You don't get to hate San Francisco. You don't get to hate it unless you love it." -Jimmie Fails Why is it every year there is one film that I miss seeing in theaters that ends up being one of my favorites? It happened last year with Leave No Trace, and I knew it had … Continue reading “The Last Black Man in San Francisco” review by Nate Blake

“Blinded by the Light” review by Nate Blake

Countless articles are already being written which examine, while not reaching any definite conclusion, why Blinded by the Light failed to generate interest at the box office this past weekend. Its meager $4.3 million gross is certainly disappointing, particularly since it was a weekend full of holdovers and one that was topped by a film that only … Continue reading “Blinded by the Light” review by Nate Blake

“Good Boys” review by Nate Blake

Good Boys is directed by Gene Stupnitsky and focuses on a group of sixth graders who call themselves The Beanbag Boys. They spend their days biking, auditioning for school musicals and partaking in beer “sipping” contests. Their world is turned upside when Max (Jacob Tremblay) is invited to a party that will also be attended … Continue reading “Good Boys” review by Nate Blake

Rethinking Escapist Violence by Nate Blake

I’ve had it. Like many Americans, I had it twenty years ago. These shootings need to stop. I want to preface what follows by saying I don’t believe for one second that violent movies or video games or angry music cause mass shootings. Once again, there are politicians blaming entertainment for mass murder instead of … Continue reading Rethinking Escapist Violence by Nate Blake

“The Farewell” review by Nate Blake

Directed by: Lulu Wang Rated: PG Length: 98 Minutes The Farewell, which opening titles tell us is based on an actual lie, tells the story Billi (Awkwafina), a struggling Chinese-American writer whose family decides to hide from her grandmother (Zhao Shuzhen) the fact that she is dying. Instead, the family arranges a wedding as an excuse … Continue reading “The Farewell” review by Nate Blake