Alex’s Take: “Toy Story 4”

Pixar has given me reason after reason not to trust them anymore. But, much like my relationship with Starbucks, no matter how many times they wrong me and how much of my money they take, I go running back like an addict. In the case of Toy Story 4, I should have just trusted Pixar. … Continue reading Alex’s Take: “Toy Story 4”

Nate’s Take: “Toy Story 4”

Toy Story 4 has no right being this amazing. I’ve been complaining since I first heard about the sequel back in 2014 that it wasn’t necessary, that the series should stop where it ended (perfectly) and there just wasn’t a compelling storyline left to justify a sequel. Yes, I feel stupid now. Toy Story 4 … Continue reading Nate’s Take: “Toy Story 4”

“Chernobyl” Series Finale Review by Nate Blake

Episode title: Vichnaya Pamyat Written by: Craig Mazin Directed by: Johan Renck HBO's  Chernobyl closes with the trial of Dyatlov, Bryukhanov, and Fomin. The trial takes viewers on a moment by moment recreation of what happened in the control room leading up to the explosion.  In this closing hour,  Legasov, Khomyuk and Shcherbina testify about the events … Continue reading “Chernobyl” Series Finale Review by Nate Blake