Countdown to “Rocketman,” Part I: 10 Essential Albums

  The release of Paramount’s Elton John “musical fantasy” is just a little over a month away. As a huge Elton john fan, I’m trying to be realistic in my expectations for the film. On the one hand, there are promising signs. The producers have said the film will focus on the early years of … Continue reading Countdown to “Rocketman,” Part I: 10 Essential Albums

“The Highwaymen” review by Nate Blake

When I first heard about The Highwaymen, I was stoked because of the cast and what looked like a legitimate reason to revisit the story of Bonnie and Clyde (let’s not talk about the 2013 miniseries). Unlike Alex, I’m not much for true crime stories, and the gangster film genre isn’t one of my favorites … Continue reading “The Highwaymen” review by Nate Blake