The Most Disappointing Films of 2018 by Alex Blake

2018 has been a great year. I made Nate my bitch for life. We traveled. And we saw some really disappointing films. Here are my eight most disappointing films of 2018, in no particular order.


1.) Private Life: This Netflix original starring Paul Giamatti and Kathryn Hahn was nothing short of disappointing. I knew nothing about this film other than the short synopsis Netflix offers before you hit play. While the plot revolves around something that a lot of modern couples deal with, it was honestly just flat out boring. There were major pacing issues, some odd plot twists, and honestly, was a waste of the talent that was cast in this film.

2.)  The Spy Who Dumped Me: I don’t think anyone was expecting this film to be groundbreaking by any means. I was definitely expecting it to be entertaining and funny though. As is usually the case when she is on screen, Kate McKinnon was the most interesting part of this film. That is about where the fun ended. The plot was boring and predictable and honestly, I don’t blame the spy for dumping her.

3.) Puzzle: Of the films on this list, this was probably the one I looking forward to seeing the most. It has a really intriguing and original plot. However, there were too many characters that were left unexplored and the focus of the film was off. Instead of focusing on the interesting aspect of puzzles and competitions, it focuses on the main character’s family issues. However, the issues are not explored deep enough to allow it to actually be interesting.

4.) Blockers: I love John Cena. I always have. But not even he could save this film. I will say, it was not as slut shame-y as I was expecting. I was really expecting to write a blog about the overt slut shaming and toxic masculinity. But, I think the fact that the film was directed by a woman, was what saved it from itself. Honestly though, the jokes were gimmicky and pretty lame, and I just kept finding myself wishing it were all over. Even if it meant my two-hour love affair with John Cena would end.


5.) Crazy Rich Asians: Ok, there will be backlash for this one from close friends. So, let me just preface this by saying that I did actually enjoy this film. However, I was expecting a bit more from it than it actually offered. The diverse cast was refreshing and enjoyable. However, the imagery was largely just wealth porn. It was visually stunning to watch but frequently ruined the pacing.

6.) A Simple Favor:  There was nothing original about this film. I was so excited when I first started seeing trailers for it just based on the cast alone. I am not proud of this, but I would follow Blake Lively to the ends of the Earth if she asked me to. This film though was just a poorly done Gone Girl rip off. The script was cringeworthy, the plot twists were just flat out weird, and the end made me want to scream.

7.) Chappaquiddick: I honestly didn’t have many expectations when we watched this. I didn’t know much about the event it was based on and was just interested in the story. However, I spent a good portion of this viewing experience yelling at my TV. And I suppose this means that the filmmaker achieved his goal in honestly depicting a frustrating and problematic event. However, in the end, it did not feel like a realistic depiction. Not in terms of the storytelling, but in the staged feel of a lot of these scenes.


8.) The Meg: I know I said that this list was in no particular order. However, this film wins the worst film of the year title from me. I could spend time rehashing the terrible action sequences, the failed comedy, or the completely ripped off plot line. But instead, I would like to focus on how this film made me feel. The burning anger I felt in my soul as we sat in a theatre full of people who were actually laughing at this flaming pile of shark shit. I really just wish I could go back in time and save myself these two hours and use them to do something more productive.

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